April 13, 2010

Il Labour ce l’ha duro

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Mi chiamerà Giovanni ancor ‘leghista’?
Risponderogli: sono laburista:

We are committed to an
immigration system that
promotes and protects British
Our new Australian-style points-
based system is ensuring we
get the migrants our economy
needs, but no more. We will
gradually tighten the criteria
in line with the needs of the
British economy and the values
of British citizenship, and step
up our action against illegal
immigration. There will be
no unskilled migration from
outside the EU. Skilled jobs are
now advertised here first for
four weeks with more vacancies
going to local workers, and
public procurement will in
future give priority to local
people. The points-based
system will be used to control
migration with limits for high-skilled
workers and university
students. As growth returns
we want to see rising levels of
employment and wages, not
rising immigration.
We recognise that immigration
can place pressures on housing
and public services in some
communities so we will expand
the Migration Impact Fund,
paid for by contributions from
migrants, to help local areas.
We know that migrants who
are fluent in English are more
likely to work and find it easier
to integrate. So as well as
making our English test harder,
we will ensure it is taken by all
applicants before they arrive.
Local councils and other public
services should keep funding
for translation services to a
minimum. Many public-sector
workers are already required
to meet minimum standards of
English; we will build on this to
ensure that all employees who
have contact with the public
possess an appropriate level of
English language competence.
Because we believe coming
to Britain is a privilege and
not a right
, we will break
the automatic link between
staying here for a set period
and being able to settle or gain
citizenship. In future, staying
will be dependent on the pointsbased
system, and access to
benefits and social housing will
increasingly be reserved for
British citizens and permanent
residents – saving the taxpayer
hundreds of millions of pounds
each year. We will continue
to emphasise the value we
place on citizenship, and the
responsibilities as well as rights
it brings, through the citizenship
pledge and ceremony, and by
strengthening the test of British
values and traditions.


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