February 17, 2010

Allah Save the Queer

EVEY – Oh, my God. That’s God Save the Queen. My parents took me to it when they hung it at Gallery 12. — I thought Sutler had it destroyed.
DEITRICH – He believes he did. Cost me more than this house, but no matter how bad I feel… it always cheers me up.
EVEY – What is that?
DEITRICH – It’s a copy of the Koran, 14th century.
EVEY – Are you a Muslim?
DEITRICH – No, I’m in television.
EVEY – But why would you keep it?
DEITRICH – I don’t have to be Muslim to find the images beautiful, [the] poetry moving.
EVEY – Is it worth it? If they found that here…
DEITRICH – You see, we are both fugitives in our own way.
EVEY – But…
DEITRICH – You’re wondering why… you were invited here to supper in the first place… if my appetites were for less conventional fare. Unfortunately, a man in my position is expected to entertain… young and attractive ladies like yourself. Because in this world, if I were to invite who I desired… I would undoubtedly find myself without a home, let alone a TV show.
EVEY – Is Gordon…?
V – I’m sorry, but Mr. Deitrich’s dead. I thought they’d arrest him… but when they found a Koran in his house, they had him executed.

(V for Vendetta)


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